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Which size should I get?

The boards come in two sizes. The standard size takes A4 paper which is the most commonly used size of paper (297mm x 210mm). The large format board takes A3 paper which is twice the size of A4 (420mm x 297mm).

If you are wondering which one you should get then consider the following:

  • Weight. The standard size is around 2.5kg and the large format is around 5kg. This can affect portability and storage.
  • Versatility. A4 paper can be used on both boards, but A3 paper can only be used on the larger one.
  • How much detail do you want to put into a drawing. Larger drawings give more opportunity for detail.
  • Standard presentation sizes. Perhaps you generally present drawings of a set size.

People who tend to buy the standard size:

  • Schools
  • School students
  • Handymen
  • Woodworkers
  • Craftspeople

People who tend to buy the large format board:

  • Building designers
  • Cabinet makers
  • Landscapers
  • Interior designers
  • Furniture designers
  • Tertiary design students
  • Artists
  • Kitchen designers
  • Bathroom designers

3D board

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