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What people say

“I can see what I’m doing before I start.” “I used to think I couldn’t draw.” “The best drawings I’ve ever done.”


"I reckon its great - best thing I've ever seen. So easy to use - in 10 minutes I can draw up an entertainment unit. Any other way it's a good hour's work."

Steve Barko, Stanhope Gardens

"An excellent drawing system that makes the drawing process easy, fun and quick. I have used the board in schools, design studios and industrial appliactions with great success. A truly amazing innovation!"

Josh Ridley, Designer

"I have to say it is a fantastic system, not only in use but in it's simplicity."

Andy Hrelja, Sydney

I just wanted to let you know how impressed I was with the 3D drawing board. My grandson and I intend to have hours of fun. There should be one in every home.

Jan Govett

"The 3dboard is an unrivalled system for quickly generating an accurate perspective drawing for a client. With the warmth of hand drawing and lots quicker than CAD, it has revolutionized the way I do ideation and presentation drawings.

"The 3dboard is as important a tool to Dunstone Design as any piece of equipment in my workshop. 

"Clients love the speed and accuracy with which I can present a concept right in front of them using the 3dboard."

Furniture designer, Evan Dunstone,  Queanbeyan

"I used to draw freehand, but no one could understand my drawings.  Now with the 3D board they understand exactly what I'm designing.  Exceptionally easy - an impressive product."

George Mariotto, Richmond, Victoria

"I'm hopeless at drawing, but the 3D board is just so easy to use.  I'm builidng a house and I've been using the 3D board for drawing up all my cabinets, kitchen layouts, and vanities.  I'm gald I bought it."

Owner Builder, Derek Croft, Ashburn

It's fantastic! I can produce a picture of how the set will look like in no time.

John Shelbourne, Set Designer, Melbourne

"My oath, its a terrific thing.  It makes drawing so easy.  Its a very smart bit of work.

Ken Dorkins, cabinet maker, Tasmania

"Its so good, believe me.  It's the worlds best thing."

Malcolm Plant, Mt Eliza Home improvements


3D board

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