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about 3d drawing

The best way for designers to show people their ideas is by drawing. Sometimes drawing even helps them to get better ideas. The most effective way of describing your design ideas to the average person is by 3D drawing (perspective).

We view our whole world in perspective. It is what makes things look 3D. If you can draw in perspective then you can make your designs look real. 3D drawings have some basic principles.

It was the Italian, Brunelleschi who first analysed why things looked 3D. He realised that lines or the edges of objects that are truly parallel should not be drawn this way. In fact parallel lines should converge to a vanishing point on the horizon.

vanishing point

Vanishing points are all around us.

The table shown below is no doubt rectangular in real life however there is not a rectangle drawn anywhere. This is because the opposing sides of the table converge to a vanishing point on the horizon

vanishing point

In the same way circular objects should not be drawn as circles, but as ellipses. Ellipses have two axes of symmetry. The shortest one is the minor axis. The minor axis always goes towards the vanishing point.

vanishing point

The theory of perspective drawing:

  • Parallel lines in real life are not drawn parallel. They converge to a vanishing point.
  • Circles become ellipses and squares become diamonds.
  • The minor axis of an ellipse points towards a vanishing point
  • Objects normally have three vanishing points.

Now that you have read this you can forget about it. You don’t need any of this theory when you draw with the 3D board. Once you start drawing with the 3D board you will realise how easy it is.


3D board

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