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about the designer

Merrick, what makes your heart beat faster?

Creative ideas – whether they’re in my head or someone else’s.

Can you remember your first drawing?

No, I was much more into finger-painting. I have always been passionate about getting ideas down onto paper.

What made you develop the 3D board?

I was a teacher wanting to show my students how to draw. After some frustration I realised that it was better to develop a product than a method. The 3D board is based on principles that have been around for a while – it was just a matter of making them work. In the end it was the quality of my students’ drawings that convinced me that the board was a good idea.

What is the best thing about the 3D board?

The fact that 9 year olds can use it.

When I say that I couldn't draw before using the board, how does that make you feel?

Like I might have made a difference in this crazy world.

What is your message to all the frustrated designers out there?

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Merrick Russell B.I.D., M.Ed.